What We Do

The idea behind Soaring Redwoods is to stoke children’s curiosity and interest in learning — to teach children to ask the Whys and follow through with the Hows.

Children today are growing up in a digital age, with endless technology at their finger tips. Yet, on many occasions, they are unable to drive down into the details of an issue or clarify their understanding. It is not their fault. It is a problem of Abundance. They do not know the origins of the technology and cannot appreciate the thought process that went into making it all happen, for the simple reason that they have not been shown how.

As parents, we aim to expose our children to advances in Math and Science and expect them to adopt and appreciate them. Yet, when they have not experienced a lack of benefits from such advances, how do we expect them to appreciate what they can do ?

Moreover, today’s generation has less patience in the learning process. They greatly prefer things to progress quickly, and with minimal effort. It is up to us as adults, to start removing such notions from their minds and make them realize that good things (including the technology they appreciate) take time and effort.

Lastly, our children need to learn to research effectively. They need to learn to use the vast resources available to them, and extract useful information; know when to stop, assimilate and build on what they have learnt.

The aim of Redwood Academy is to get children back to the basics of complex ideas and learn to get to solutions through first principals.

In Math, we aim to introduce them to topics early on that they would hesitate to approach on their own. In Science, they will learn complex ideas and the basic concepts that made solutions happen. Along with that, they will have doses of Environment and Character building topics to keep balance.

We hope to see you in one of our classes.

Thank you and Namaste~

Redwood Academy

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