Who We Are

We are a family of engineers/scientists/teachers aiming to bring complex ideas to today’s generation, adapted to their learning styles.

Arundhati Savadatti: (M. A, M. Ed, M. Phil, PGDME) I am a retired teacher educator with specialization in the teaching of mathematics and English. I have worked in the areas of curriculum construction, content development, developing and testing innovative teaching strategies, lesson planning, value education, methods of evaluation and question banking.

Sanmati Kamath: (Mom & PhD) I am a mother first, an electrical engineer later. I have two children– one in middle school, the other in elementary. I am from a signal processing background and I have worked in chip manufacturing firms for almost twenty years. I have had my share of stresses and confusion about many engineering and math topics that seemed too abstract to understand. My work and children have taught me that there are many ways to peel such onions! This is my modest effort to show children that, at the root of a complex problem is a simple idea that grew to become something fantastic. By giving it some time, thought and effort, they can understand and even grow it themselves.

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